Are you ready to Manifest Love & Money in the easiest way possible? Introducing the:
Love & Money Affirmations Workshop
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Guess what?
You have the ability to Easily Manifest:
  • Amazing LOVE (with a Specific Person or New Person)
  • Wealth & MONEY (as much as you want!)
  • Overflowing HAPPINESS (for yourself and others) 
Quickly & Easily.
And you can manifest all this using the simple but oh-so loved technique called:
By internally affirming that YOU ARE the person who ALREADY HAS your desire, that desire HAS TO COME to you.

In this Workshop, I will show you exactly HOW to use affirmations to Manifest Love, Money & Happiness in the fastest and easiest way possible.
3 hour Love & Money Affirmations Workshop + 78 page Workbook
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*This course is a pre-recorded, live Workshop + in-depth Workbook.
Here's exactly what you'll learn in this 3-hour video course:
Part 1: Use Affirmations to Successfully Manifest!
  • What affirmations need to include to manifest any and all your desires
  • 3 easy steps to create amazing Affirmations that work fast!
  • ​My 5 favorite and most potent ways to structure an affirmation
  • ​WHEN and HOW to say your affirmations so they are the most potent
  • ​The exact affirmations to use when you're doubting or fearful about your desire (these affirmations are different - they will dissolve your fear and doubt)
Part 2: Manifest Money (Wealth & Specific Amounts)
  • Structure your "money affirmations" these 2 ways and you WILL manifest money!
  • The best affirmations to manifest general wealth AND specific amounts of money
  • ​6 super powerful categories of "Money Affirmations" that you'll LOVE using!
  • The exact affirmations to use if you ever feel fearful about money or doubting you can manifest it (these affirmations are different)
Part 3: Manifest Love (Specific Person or New Person)
  • The 2 things to include into your affirmations to powerfully manifest love (new person or specific person... it works for both!)
  • Learn the best affirmations to manifest being absolutely loved & manifest being in the best relationship of your life (with your SP or NP)
  • 7 powerful categories of "Love Affirmations" that will manifest this relationship fast
  • The exact affirmations to use if you ever feel scared that you can't manifest love (these affirmations are different... they'll turn your fears and worries around)
Part 4: Manifest Happiness (Live Your Best Life!)
  • Manifest happiness in all areas of your life with this simple style of affirmations
  • 7 amazing categories of "Happiness Affirmations" to manifest happiness in your life
  • ​Learn to manifest happiness for yourself and for people you love
  • The exact affirmations to use if you ever feel like you can't manifest happiness (these affirmations are different... they'll get you on track to manifest happiness asap)
Part 5: Final Thoughts
  • Pulling it all together... exactly how to use your affirmations after this Workshop to manifest everything you want
  • ​For the final 30 minutes of the video, hear Shelly answer common questions about manifesting using affirmations, manifesting a SP, manifesting money, and how to manifest anything you want!
Part 1: Secret to Manifest Your Dream Life
  • Learn my simple practice to feel your wish has been fulfilled. Once you know how to do this, you can apply it to any desire for it to come to you!
  • ​The exact way to word your thoughts and affirmations to think FROM the End
  • ​How to Know 100% When You're Living in the End (which mean your manifestation WILL HAPPEN)
Part 3: Manifest Money
Part 2: Manifest Love (SP or NP)
  • The very-specific Living in the End practice that will manifest love (specific person or new person... whichever you want) FAST
  • The best imaginal act to manifest a serious relationship
  • The most potent technique to manifest love... I bet you can't guess what it is!
Part 4: Manifest Happiness
  • "Letting Go" - why this is NOT something you have to do or worry about to receive your desire
  • What is really means to "Persist in the Wish Fulfilled" - most people get this wrong, it's so much easier than you think
  • "How many times do I have to Live in the End?" questions like this will be answered so you know exactly what to do to manifest your desires
The Workbook will teach you how to perfect your affirmations to manifest ANYTHING you want!
As soon as you join, you'll receive this 78-page Workbook filled with many, many exercises.
These exercises will guide you to create amazing, powerful, potent affirmations to manifest Love, Money & Happiness into your life, starting now! 

Use the Workbook over and over again to structure your best and most powerful affirmations and become super-successful at manifesting!
  • 3 hour Love & Money Affirmations Video Course: Shelly dives DEEP into exactly how to be successful using affirmations to manifest love, money and happiness in this pre-recorded 3 hour Workshop
  • 3 hour Love & Money Affirmations Audio Download: If you prefer to hear Shelly's teaching through Audio, you have that option, too
  • 78 Page Epic Love & Money Affirmations Workbook: Use this awesome Workbook to perfect your affirmations and literally manifest anything you want! 
How much? $199 
ONLY $111!
*This course is a pre-recorded, live Workshop + in-depth Workbook.
Shelly Bullard
Mega-Manifesting Expert, 
Marriage and Family Therapist, Spiritual Teacher
Trust me when I say:
Epic Love? Check!
Mega Money? Check!
Overflowing Happiness? Check!
Everything you desire CAN and WILL be yours. Change your Inner Reality and your Outer Reality WILL change, too. 

I can't wait to show you how!
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Just $111!
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