Are you ready to BE Claimed, Cherished, Wanted & Adored by the person you love?!
By your Specific Person or a New Love you're manifesting into your life?
If so, read below... because being CHERISHED & ADORED in a Relationship is what you're here for!
How manifesting works is this:
When you saturate Your Inner World with FEELING completely Claimed, Cherished, Wanted & Adored (by whomever you want)... 

You WILL receive this treatment from others automatically. 
That's what THIS course will do for you. 
You are HERE to be ABSOLUTELY CHERISHED & ADORED by whomever you please... 
Trust me, I have been very successful at receiving this type of attention from my man (& others)... 

Want to know how I do it? 
With my INNER WORLD (of course!)
I've learned how to create the deep, potent FEELING of being CLAIMED, CHERISHED, WANTED and ADORED in my INNER WORLD... 

And because my INNER WORLD is programed to FEEL Cherished and Adored...

I RECEIVE absolute Cherishing, Adoration, Claiming and Love from my man consistently, in the most beautiful way. 
You can receive this type of Love, Adoration, Claim and Attention, too!
From whomever you want!

Whether it's from a Specific Person or a New Person... the process of being Claimed, Cherished, Wanted and Adored is the same.
And this course will make it a reality for you.
Here's the EPIC Journey We'll Go On in This Course: 
  • This course is for people Manifesting a Specific Person or a New Person
  • ​Once you purchase the course, you receive instant access to 8 full-length videos
  • ​1 hour & 45 minutes+ of straightforward, clear instruction from Shelly (you know her style!)
  • ​A 55-page PDF Workbook to deepen your understanding and process
  • These videos are downloadable... yours to keep
  • ​This content is private, strictly for members of this course
  • ​This course is for both Men and Women
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PLUS... you'll receive a 55-page PDF Workbook, to Deepen Your Understanding, Experience and Success of Being Claimed, Cherished, Wanted & Adored!
**Once you join this course, all the videos are yours to keep
You can access this course again and again, as much as you want.
I'm Shelly Bullard & I want you to feel CLAIMEDCHERISHED, WANTED & ADORED by the person you love the most!
I know the EXACT STEPS you need to take to be absolutely loved, cherished and adored in your relationships... so much so, that it will BLOW YOU AWAY! 

I want YOU to create the reality of being TOTALLY LOVED and ADORED (by the person of your choice), starting now.
Change your reality in love Right Now. 
ONLY $199 (lifetime access)
Honestly, YOU DESERVE to feel absolutely cherished, adored, wanted and loved in all possible ways.
I really mean that... and now's your chance.
Shelly Bullard, MFT
Marriage and Family Therapist, Manifesting Expert, Spiritual Teacher
Here's what people have said about this course:
"I’ve worked with manifestation coaches and spent thousands of dollars of coaching in respect to relationships over the years. 

This course is by far the best coaching I’ve ever experienced around creating a world where I feel love, adored, cherished and claimed. I finally mentally understand and physically feel wanted and adored after two weeks of practice and imagining."
"I can’t thank or tell you enough how much I appreciate you. This has been the missing piece for me in manifestation in regards to creating a healthy, happy, love filled relationship. It’s all about me and it feels so good that it is. 

I’ve spent years making it about them and trying to control them and putting the power outside of myself. It feels so empowering and freeing to bring it home to me. I could go on and on but I know you’re in high demand as you should be."
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